Crash Course

Accelerate Into the Plantiful Lifestyle!

Crash Course

Accelerate Into the Plantiful Lifestyle

Ready to dive right into the Plantiful Community ASAP?

Our Crash Course program is for you! This program lets you complete the steps to living a plant-powered lifestyle at your own pace so you have the foundation you need coming into the ongoing community experience. This program includes four units that cover all the basics in video and electronic guide format.

What is the Crash Course?

For just $79 you’ll get:

  • Veggie + Meal Prep 101: How to slice, dice, prep, store and cook a variety of plants
  • Detox + Nutrients: Plants detoxify your system and are packed with the nutrients we need for optimum health
  • Spices + Flavors: Plants are satisfying and flavorful (especially with the right spices)
  • Fuel + Energy: Plants provide the best possible fuel + energy for your body
  • One-month membership in the Plantiful Community

How it Works:

When you sign up for Crash Course, you’ll receive four emails with a video and guide for each of the topics listed. Once you’ve completed the course (watched all of the videos and read through the guide), you’ll be invited to join our amazing group of like-minded souls in our Plantiful Community!

Don't wait – start today!

Be proactive in taking care of your whole health – mind, body and spirit. After completing the course, you’ll start to see and feel the lasting benefits of this amazing lifestyle. Then you’ll be invited to join our Plantiful Community which will inspire and motivate you to sustain these positive changes!

Sign up for Crash Course and get your first month’s membership in the Plantiful Community for FREE – a $30 value!

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