Joining the Jump Start group is one of the best things I have done! It has opened my eyes to another way of preparing food and using spices. Overall, I love the way I feel and plan to continue this lifestyle in joining the Plantiful Community

— Kelly <span class='state'>Kansas</span>

I like to cook, but didn’t have the time and energy to plan and make healthy meals day in and day out for my active kids and ultra-runner husband. With The Plantiful Pantry, I was able to feed my family healthy meals that they actually loved. And with their Instacart delivery feature, I stressed less about the time it took to shop for the ingredients. The best part? We ended up saving $100 per week on groceries not to mention 2 to 4 hours of time on shopping.

— Bridget <span class='state'>Iowa</span>

As a busy family trying to live a healthy life, we struggled with dinner time options that were both plant-powered and enjoyable for the whole family – not an easy task with small children! After using The Plantiful Pantry custom plan option, our family was on a new path. Our dinnertime went from another stressor in a busy life, to a fun and engaging experience from start to finish. Our family now eats more plants, spends time cooking and planning joyfully, and has more sit-down family dinners than ever before.

— Charlynn <span class='state'>Oregon</span>

I began the Jump Start program hoping to find a few delicious recipes. I ended the program with so much more! In addition to finding lots of new family favorites, I found an inspiring community + renewed creativity + confidence in my cooking. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!

— Michaela <span class='state'>NEW YORK</span>