The Plantiful Pantry Jumpstart Program is an awesome one month program that is well organized and very professionally done! Every week you are provided with a grocery list, meal plans and recipes for that week! Then the really fun part is you get to cook a few of the recipes each week along with Mariah, Devon and the other participants of the program on zoom. I have learned so much from this program on how to cook plant based, nutritious and flavorful meals and all at such a great value! This has been so much fun for me and I have loved trying all of these different recipes, and I’m sure you will enjoy it too, give it a try you won’t be sorry you did.

— Gerri <span class='state'>Iowa</span>

The Plantiful Pantry’s Jump Start program was perfect for me at this point in my life. I’d never been into cooking but health issues were forcing me to make some changes and eating more plant-based foods was one of them. The Facebook group and virtual cooking classes were super fun, and the recipes were fantastic, especially the beautiful Goji Berry Bowl, which I made about every other day! Mariah + Devon put such care and attention into every detail, and it showed. I’m really excited to watch them grow and flourish in this new business!

— Krista <span class='state'>Iowa</span>

I highly recommend this program. My joy in eating beautiful, healthy food is like never before thanks to these ladies. The weekly menus and shopping lists and recipes made it so easy. I ate more vegetables in this 4-week program than probably a whole year prior, and I have not reverted back to my old eating habits. It’s a change that I know will stick because it’s so satisfying both taste, satiety, visually. Thanks ladies for making eating and cooking fun again.

— Tina <span class='state'>Alaska</span>

I began the Jump Start program hoping to find a few delicious recipes. I ended the program with so much more! In addition to finding lots of new family favorites, I found an inspiring community + renewed creativity + confidence in my cooking. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!

— Michaela <span class='state'>NEW YORK</span>