Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions to get you on your path.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions to get you on your path.

What’s the difference between vegan, plant-based and plantiful?

Vegan is a strict adherence to non-animal-based diet and lifestyle where no animal derived products such as dairy, eggs, meat and even honey are consumed, and in many cases no animal-derived products are used or worn, such as leather boots.

Plant-based is exactly that – a diet that’s primarily based on plants, but allows for flexibility in eating a small amount of animal products.

Plantiful is a lifestyle centered around fruits, vegetables and whole grains, rather than the standard American diet of building meals around animal protein. By nourishing ourselves with plants, we learn to understand and appreciate their profound benefits to our physical, mental and spiritual well being.

Can I eat meat, eggs and dairy using The Plantiful Pantry?

Yes. The goal is to incorporate more plants into your daily diet and understand the rewards that they provide. You may find, however, that you won’t crave or want as much of these foods as you did before, because your new Plantiful diet will be so tasty and satisfying.

How do I get my family to eat this?

Our programs are designed to involve the whole family in the process, getting everyone to help with the shopping, preparing and cooking. We’ll help you try new things, expand your taste buds and have fun! It’s not just a family dinner – it’s an experience and a process for better health and stronger relationships. Just start with an open mind and a sense of new adventure!

What equipment do I need?

We’ve designed our programs to include common household kitchen items. We do include alternative cooking instructions for some tools such as the Instapot and slow-cooker. All meal plans come with a list of the equipment needed. That said, there are a few items you may find helpful: a great chef’s knife, a sturdy and durable cutting board, salad spinner, garlic press, a spiralizer, lemon/lime squeezer and several clear plastic or glass containers.

How much will the food cost?

In the long run, your grocery bill should go down because you’ll be buying fewer expensive, processed foods and animal-based products. You may need to invest up-front in staples for your pantry, but these fresh spices, oils, vinegars and condiments will be well worth it in terms of enhancing the taste and quality of your meals. Plus, we offer the added convenience of shopping on Instacart, which will save several trips back and forth to the grocery store – even save on fast food and takeout!

How much time will this take?

Our programs are designed to save you time. When you use our meal plans, shopping lists and grocery delivery service, you save 3-6 hours per week. You’ll need to spend at least one hour per week prepping your meals for the week ahead, and an average of 20 minutes per day cooking. Once you adopt The Plantiful lifestyle, we know you and your family will find creativity, joy and fun in meal prepping and cooking – and the time spent will be well worth it!

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